Finance – Accounting Department  is a functional department of the Vietnam Airports Corporation, which was established by Decision No. 46/QD-HDTV 03/28/2012 of Board of Directors; the department is under inspection and management of General Director. 


The structure of the title:

  • Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Officer


Organizational structure: 

  • Finance – accounting Division;
  • Capital construction management Division;
  • Internal Audit - Policy Division.


  • Advising and assisting the Board of Directors, the CEO in the field of finance, accounting, internal audit of the Corporation under the Corporation's charter and the state’s law;
  • Coordinating with the unit involved in advisory work, consultancy and implementation of tasks, in order to fulfill the objectives of the Corporation;
  •  Other functions assigned by the Corporation. 


  • Managing capital and assets of the Corporation, plans of capital and use of funds from other sources in accordance with the state’s law;
  • Managing financial and accounting activities of the units of the Corporation;
  • Suming up the annual financial plan, submitting to the competent authority for approval and implementation; monitoring the implementation of the approved financial plan;
  • Collecting, sorting, processing financial information; proposing corrective measures to improve efficiency in business operations; reporting to the General Director;
  • Providing adequate and timely working capital for the units according to the decision of the General Director;
  • Analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of production and business of the Corporation; 
  • Coordinating with the departments of the Corporation to construct, evaluate and implement the projects of investment and economic contracts of the Corporation; Settling projects of investment under the provisions of the State.
  • Proposing tariffs, fees and rates at the Corporation for the competent authorities’ approval.
  • Implementing the regime, financial accounting and statistics in accordance with the State’s law and the Corporation’s charters; Performing the accounting of the Corporation as prescribed; Guiding, controlling and supervising the accounting reports; keeping records of  invoices the Corporation’s units in accordance with the law.
  • Implementing the accounting and audit of the Corporation in accordance with the law and the Charter of the Corporation;
  • Making reports and statistics in accordance with the law and regulations of the Corporation.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Director General.