Infrastructure Department is a functional department of the Airports Corporation of Vietnam, which was established by Decision No. 46/QD-HDTV 03/28/2012 of Board of Directors; the department is under inspection and management of General Director and the Board Members.



  • Director
  • Deputy Directors
  • Officers


  • To act as an advisor and assist the Board Members and General Director to implement activities related to ACV’s construction and infrastructure projects. As well as proposing the plan and strategy of ACV’s infrastructure development such: land, terminal, apron, runway, taxiway, airfield fence, house and technical equipment etc .
  • Associate with other unit, organization inner and outer ACV in order to implement tasks relating to Infrastructure Department’s function and responsibility .
  • Implementing other functions which are assigned by General Director .


  • Manage all infrastructure documents in all airports including: terminal, airfield, apron, navigation, land etc together with new project, innovation, and upgrade usually .
  • Implement all ACV’s projects about architecture investment project, runway, taxiway, apron projects
  • Advising the ACV leaders in directing to implement the regular maintenance, innovation for ACV’s infrastructure such: house, architectural objects, runway, apron etc
  • Organizing the appraisement for all bidding plans, technical design, and invitation to tender document toward the projects which ACV has competence to approve
  • Inspection, direction all the related units to follow Government regulations about investment and devolution management levels .
  • Association with other functions department to implement the investment preparation, inspection, liquidation projects which belong to ACV
  • Updating the standard files, maintenance norm, the project document from the beginning to the end, regular repair and innovation, new constructions etc .
  • Study Government’s regulation and legal document about investment management, fundamental construction in order to apply and unitedly deploy throughout ACV
  • Implement translation and other legal document relating to ACV’s projects and keep them as archives
  • Implement reporting and statistics follow regulations of ACV and Government .