Planning - Investment ( MPI Board ) is the body 's functions Airports Corporation Vietnam, was established by decision dated 03.28.2012 44/QD-HDTV some members of the Council; under management, inspection, monitoring and administration of comprehensive direct the Director General.


Planning - Investment department is a functional department of the Vietnam Airports Corporation, which was established by Decision No. 44/QD-HDTV 03/28/2012 of Board of Directors; the department is under inspection and management of General Director.


The structure of the title :

  • Director; Deputy Director
  • Chief, Deputy Chief
  • Officer
  • Organizational structure :
  • Business Planning Division;
  • Architecture Division;
  • Apron Division;
  • Infrastructure Division


  • To advise and assist the General Director in the implementation of content : Develop strategic development , business planning , investment planning ; Customer service, market development; Quality of service; Providing services according to airports, the Corporation's charter and state law; construction projects of the Corporation in accordance with State law; Work planning and strategy development infrastructure of Airports Corporation
  • Inspection, monitoring agencies and units of the Corporation in the performance of duties related to the functions and duties of the department;
  • To guide and coordinate agencies and units of the Corporation in the operation and implementation of the tasks related to the functions of the department;
  • To Perform other functions assigned by the Corporation.



  • To Develop strategy development, business plans and annual performance assessment when approved;
  • To direct and guide the agencies and units to build, protect business plans and annual performance measures when approved;
  • To survey the actual situation, the market and to propose measures meeting the needs of passengers.
  • To participate in negotiations with the supply of aeronautical and non-aeronautical services at airports in accordance with charter of the corporation.
  • To analyze and to assess expenditure in business plan of the corporation;
  • To propose policies, investment orientation and implementation in infrastructure development of the Corporation ;
  • To update the prescribed laws of the State of investment management for unified deployment and application in the Corporation.
  • Planning and implementation of investment projects under construction development investment, loans and other resources of the Corporation;
  • To evaluate the overall engineering design estimates, procurement plan and bidding documents for the project under development and investment capital repairs, loans and other sources to submit for approval  of competent authorities ; 
  • To participate in building organizational models and to unify the management of the Corporation's investments;
  • Supervision and settlement of construction investment of the Corporation;
  • To implement import and export activities , to organize and to monitor procurement, instruments, assets of the units of the Corporation;
  • To perform property insurance, building insurance in accordance with law;
  • To supervise asset portfolio establish responsibility for managing the new properties, to transfer assets between units of the Corporation;
  • To perform statistics and monitor fuel consumption rate of the actual equipment, motorcycles and the fuel distribution procedures for the unit;
  • To interpreter and perform records relating to the investment projects of the Corporation;
  • To implement reporting mechanism, strictly according to law and the provisions of the Charter of the Corporation;
  • To Perform other duties assigned by the Director General;