Technique - technology - environment department is a functional department of the Vietnam Airports Corporation, which was established by Decision No. 46/QD-HDTV 03/28/2012 of Board of Directors; the department is under inspection and management of General Director.


The structure of the title:

  • Director; Deputy Director
  • Chief, Deputy Chief
  • Officer


Organizational structure:

  • Technique Division of Terminal Facilities;
  • Technique Division of Flight Facilities;
  • Division of Environmental Management;


  • To advise and assist the General Director in the field of the technical management, science and technology, information technology and the environment in accordance with current regulations of the State and the Corporation.
  • To guide, inspect and monitor agencies and units in the observance and implementation of the technical management; operational regulations, exploitation and use; regulations on maintenance of technical equipment and environmental protection
  • Perform other functions assigned by the Corporation.


  • Technical management through the implementation, construction, inspection and supervision, maintenance, repair procedures, rules of technical safety, electrical, fire protection, exploitation and operation of technical equipment of the Corporation.
  • Researching & proposing strategy development and application of information technology meeting the requirements of management and administration of the Corporation.
  • Inspecting and supervising the process of construction, testing and acceptance of information technology infrastructure.
  • Developing regulations on information security, infrastructure management of the Corporation.
  • Advising the implementation of the law to protect the environment, saving energy for the employees in the unit; assessing performance.
  • Participating in technology research.
  • Preparing investment projects in the field of environmental technology when assigned
  • Performing other duties as assigned by the Director General.