Danang International Airport, branch of Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) - one of the three busiest international airports in Vietnam. We are the major airport serving the international and domestic air traffic for Da Nang city and the Central Highlands region. It is the department - destination of More than 260 domestic and international flights with more than 40,000 passengers passing through per day. Danang International Airport is located in Hai Chau District, 1 km to the east of the center of Danang city, convenient traffic. Danang International Airport constantly invests in modern equipment with upgrading infrastructure, in order to contribute to improving service quality, bringing comfort and convenience to passengers.

Name: Danang International Airport (DIA)

Address: Hoa Thuan Tay Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City. 

Phone: (84-236) 3.539555 - (84-236) 3.823393

Hotline: (84) 905920019 Fax: (84-236) 3.823.393 

Email vanthucangdanang vietnamairport.vn


    1. Before 1975:

Danang Airport was built by the French in 1940. During the Vietnam War until 1975, Danang airport was the air base of  US Military and the Republic of Vietnam Air Force. Since the independence day of 1975 Danang airport has been a military airport serving national security and defense. 

    1. The period from 1975 to March 1993

After the reunification of the country entering the phase of economic recovery, on February 11, 1976.  The Government issued Decree No. 28 on the establishment of the General Department of Civil Aviation of Vietnam on the basis that the Civil Aviation Department was organized under Decree 666 dated 15/1/1956 of the Government.

On March 26, 1976, the General Department of Civil Aviation of Vietnam issued Decision No 88 to establish civil aviation in Gia Lam, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang, Lien Khuong, Buon Me Thuot, Phu Bai,  Dong Hoi.

    1. The period from April 1993 to June 1998

The Party's "Renevation” policy has gradually helped stabilize the country's economy, improve people's lives, and the aviation market showed signs of  prosperity. In order to meet market’s demand and strengthen the management of airports operating in civil aviation operations, the Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam signed Decision No. 202 / CAAV, 203 / CAAV and  204 CAAV dated April 2, 1993 on the establishment of airport complexes for North, Central and South airports, operating under the model of non-business units with revenue, under the Vietnam Civil Aviation Administration.  At this stage, the regional airport clusters are also the units performing a number of specialized state management functions at the Airport.

    1. The period from July 1998 to 2006

December 31/12 /1998, the Prime Minister signed Decision No. 113/1998  transforming the airport clusters of airports in the North, the Central and the South into domestic public utility enterprises and changing their names clusters to three groups of airports in the North, the Central and the South.  Regional airport clusters continue to perform business functions, provide public services, and perform state management functions at airports.

    1. The period from 2007 to January 2012

The country's economic integration was marked by the event in which Vietnam officially became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).  The 2006 Civil Aviation Law, which came into effect on January 1, 2007, fully reflected the specializations on the management mechanism of the aviation industry in general and the airport enterprises in particular.

On January 19, 2018, the Ministry of Transportation issued a decision No. 1787 decided on the establishment of  Middle Airports Authority

On June 25, 2010, the Ministry of Transport issued a decision No. 750 on the Establishment of Parent Company - Middle Airports Authority

    1. The period from February 2012 to March 2016

Airports Corporation of Vietnam  (ACV) was established under Decision No. 238  dated (February 08, 2012 of the Minister of Transport on the basis of consolidation by the Corporation: Northern, Middle and Southern Airports Authorities.

On March 28, 2012. The Board of Directors of Airports Corporation of Vietnam issued Decision No. 34 to establish Danang International Airport.

    1. The period from April 2016 to present

Danang International Airport is the Branch of Airports Corporation of Vietnam is a joint stock company operating under the model of Parent Company – Subsidiary which  was converted from a one-member limited liability company with 100% charter capital held by the state to a joint stock company with the state holding majority shares in accordance with Decision No. 171 dated October 6, 2015 approving the plan to counteract the Parent company - Airports Corporation of Vietnam.






Building and promoting a culture of aviation safety,

Standardizing, professionalizing all operational and operational processes.


Being steady, consistent with the goal of sustainable, development, well-deserved with the role in economic development, national defense and security assurance.


Transparency in information integrity in Business. Sincerity to partners. 


Inheriting and promoting the proud traditional history of Vietnam's aviation industry

Inheriting and developing core human resources in terms of courage, responsibility, enthusiasm  creative, professional. 

Building trust into the physical strength of an enterprise.