Procedure Guide for passengers
Check-in guide

Step 1: Check-in & Check-in procedure

The lobby is located on the second floor, you can get there by skyway or follow the stairs from the car park.
When you arrive at the Check-in lobby, you can search for information about your flight check-in counter at the flight information display board.

Present your documents (Valid Passport, Flight Ticket or Confirmation of Flight Booking, and visa if applicable) to the check-in and check-in staff, if applicable.
Step 2: Do exit procedures

  •   Wait behind the line in front of the Exit Counter.
  •   If you wear a hat or sunglasses, take them off.
  •   Present your boarding pass and valid Passport.
  •   Confirm departure on passport, get it back, and go through the check-in area.

Step 3: Do security and customs procedures

  •  Prepare your passport and boarding pass for inspection.
  •  Place hand luggage on the conveyor belt.
  •  Remove your outer layer of clothing (e.g. jacket, sweater), hat and shoes, and place in a tray with other carry-on items.
  • Go through metal detectors. Please note that you may be subject to enhanced security checks, if necessary.
  • Passengers carrying cash in excess of VND 15,000,000 or USD 5,000 or equivalent must declare it to the Foreign Currency Reporting Counter.

Step 4: Enter the waiting room and exit the plane
Aircraft exits 1, 2, 3 are located on the left side of the terminal (in the direction of entering from the security check area) – South wing. Exits 4,5,6,7 are located in the central area of the terminal. Exits 8, 9, 10 are located on the right side of the terminal - the North wing. The detailed location of the aircraft exit is marked on the diagram of the terminal. Passengers check their boarding pass to find the correct boarding gate for their flight: Passengers present their boarding pass, and identification documents to the ground staff to board the aircraft.

Step 1: Passengers get off the plane and enter the terminal

Passengers cross the telescopic bridge or take the bus as directed to the central area of the station to carry out the procedures for medical quarantine and entry.

Step 2: Complete medical quarantine and entry procedures

Passengers carry out medical quarantine procedures, go through automatic body temperature scanners at the point where the machine is located in front of the entry area.. Then, go to the immigration area to do the procedures.

Step 3: Guests go down to the baggage claim area

Check the information screens displayed nearby to find the baggage carousel lined up for your flight. If you have oversized luggage, go to the Oversized Baggage Counter on the right right behind the Immigration Counter.

Step 4: Customs clearance procedures

Passengers go through customs check procedures for luggage at 2 areas before leaving the public lobby