Route 1: Danang - Hoi An (30km / trip)

This is the bus support to help disabled people, each station has a staircase to the wheelchair. The service has about 8 car service route runs through 40 stations with a frequency of 20 minutes / trip. Operating time from 5:30 to 18h daily.

  • 1st leg: East Street bus station Center - North Road bus station Center - Ton Duc Thang - Dien Bien Phu - Le Duan - Tran Phu - Trung Nu Vuong - DTU - Nguyen Van Troi - Marble - Le Van Hien - Hoi An Bus Station.
  • 2nd leg: Bus Hoi An - Le Van Hien - Marble - Nguyen Van Troi - Bach Dang - Phan Dinh Phung - Yen Bai - Le Duan - Dien Bien Phu - Ton Duc Thang - Bus Danang City Center .

Price: from 8,000 to 15,000 VND / trip.

Route 2: Kim Lien -  Han Market (15,5km / trip)

This is the urban bus pick the route at nearly 40 stops throughout the city, mainly focused in front of the university, hospitals, commercial centers. The service operates from 5:30 to 18h daily at a rate of 10 minutes / trip during peak hours and 15 minutes / normal hour. In line with 2 car system funding Big C tickets. Passengers will get free tickets to have a coupon during the day at Big C Danang.

  • 1st leg: Kim Lien Nguyen Luong Bang - Ton Duc Thang - Dien Bien Phu - Ly Thai To - Hung Vuong - Tran Phu - Tran Quoc Toan - Bach.
  • 2nd leg: like a journey from Han Market - Kim Lien went retrospectively to the beginning of the end.

Price: averaging from 5,000 VND / trip (for the Han market - the bus station) to 10,000 VND / trip (for attractions during the tour).

Route 3: Danang - Ai Nghia (29km / trip)

Route 8 car operates from 5:30 to 18h daily. The car ran the route through 45 stations on the city with the frequency of 30 minutes / trip in normal hours and 20 minutes / trip during peak hours.

  • 1st leg: City Bus Center Danang Ton Duc Thang, Dien Bien Phu Hung Vuong Ly Thai Ong Ich Khiem to- Hoang Trung Nu Vuong Nui Thanh Dieu- Canh Hoa CAM- eight-month National Network 14B- Highway East Fork Hospital Hoa Bac Ai Nghia in Quang Nam Crossroads Ai Nghia Bus Station.
  • 2nd leg: like route from Danang to Dai Loc retrospectively to the beginning of the end.

Price: many levels, depending on stops, averaging from 8,000 to 15,000 VND / trip.

Route 4: Danang - Tam Ky (70km / trip)

The service route between the bus station and the bus station of Da Nang, Quang Nam, go on the road linking the north to the southwest city of schedule 30 minutes / trip. The cars operate from 5am to 18h daily pass of 60 stations on the city.

  • 1st leg: Nguyen Tat Thanh - St. 3 / 2- Dong Quang Trung Tran Cao Van is Da.- Ha Huy Dien Bien Phu Tap- Nguyen Tri Phuong Nguyen Huu Canh Thơ- Tommy Mang Cau Ong Ich Duong Cam le-Highway 1A Phan Boi Chau, Phan Chu Trinh - Hoa Huong.
  • 2nd leg: like the route from Da Nang to Tam Ky calculated backwards to the beginning of the end.


  • VND 8,000 / trip for passengers traveling on the route of the city (from Nguyen Tat Thanh Commune to three new markets).
  • 15,000 / turn for the average passenger leg of the route (from road to Nam Phuoc Nguyen Tat Thanh - Quang Nam).
  • 30,000 VND / way for passengers during the tour of Da Nang - Tam Ky.

Route 6: Danang - My Son (60km / trip)

This service directly serve tourists visiting cultural heritage sites of My Son (Quang Nam) activities from daily 5:30 to 17 pm with 30 minute schedule / route and schedule pick-up on nearly 50 stations on the city .

  • 1st leg: Central Bus Station Danang - Dien Bien Phu Hoang Hoa Tham Le Ham Nghi Duan- Le Dinh Ly Nguyen Tri Phuong Duy Trung Nu Vuong Nui Thanh Canh Tan- eight-month Hoa Cam Network - Highway 1A Highway 610- My Son Province.
  • 2nd leg: like the route from Da Nang to My Son retrospectively to the beginning of the end.

Price: depending on the customer's route have many different prices.